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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shelby is 2 Months Old

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!

  • You love baths now!  You like to lick the water whenever I wash your face and you smile really big when I put lotion on you- which you used to hate!
  • You LOVE to kick your legs.  Sometimes, you kick your arms and legs at the same time and go so fast.
  • You slept through the night from 10:30pm- 7am the night you turned 2 months! You don't do this every night but you frequently sleep in long periods of time.  This makes mommy so happy!
  • You cried so hard when you got your 2 month shots!  I had never heard you cry in pain before and it made me so sad!  I cried too when the nurse left the room.
  • You laughed for the first time while I was changing your diaper.  This is such a special memory that I will never forget!
  • You made your first road trip to see Aunt Lauren in Mobile, AL.  You did great in the car- Memommy road in the back with you while I drove. You slept basically the whole time.  We had a blast while we were there.
  • You love when your daddy comes home!  You have stopped fussing at that time.  I love to watch you when he plays with you!  Your whole face lights up.  You save your special smiles for him.
  • You have really started cooing and talking to everyone.  It's so fun to hear the noises you make!
  • You love to be held while you nap.  It's hard to keep you asleep when I put you down.  You would rather be held- but sometimes mommy has to get things done!
  • This month, mommy learned some bittersweet news.  I found out that my company that I've worked with for almost 7 years is restructuring. My job is being eliminated.  That means that I will be staying home with you!  I've loved my job, but I am really excited to spend everyday with you.  I had been praying because I was anxious at the thought of leaving you everyday.  I think God answered my prayer in a most unexpected way.  He said, "Ok, Lana!  I'll just take your job away!"  I can't wait to be your full time mommy! 
We love you so much, Shelbs!

Love, Mommy

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